Great Food Coming in 2018

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Food fans who have a passion for eating… Rejoice!

Eat All the Food is very excited to announce a new look, new content, new team and of course — new FOOD coming in 2018.

Our audience has been extremely patient (and inquisitive); but with incredible sponsors confirmed, we will launch bigger and better than ever this January.

In the meantime, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @tweetallthefood for updates, contests, plus a few special giveaways this holiday season!

Great Food Coming in 2018

Weird Food Finds: Lobster Mushrooms

Weird food find of the week? Lobster Mushrooms (yes, really!)

Eat all the weird food lobster mushroom

There’s no editing going on in this photo; nor is this mushroom ‘spiced’ or coated in any way. It’s a lobster mushroom and it’s something completely new to us. Luckily, we have a reservation tonight with the kings of mushroom cuisine: Edulis Restaurant and they have them on the menu:

Stay tuned for the the (surely tasty) results of tonight’s dinner!

Weird Food Finds: Lobster Mushrooms