Cheese and Charcuterie BBQ at The Workshop

BBQ parties always mean it’s time for great food to shine, but when the BBQ is catered by The Cheese Boutique‘s Afrim Pristine? You can expect something deliciously different. Samuel Adams and The Workshop recently hosted a backyard BBQ party where cheese and charcuterie played a sweet interlude to top notch grill fare; a perfect summer patio pairing.

Eat all the Food at Samuel Adams Backyard BBQ

eat all the food boston lager

Given that cheese and charcuterie boards are often paired with wine, it was wonderful to be invited to choose from  beer pairings for the evening, which included Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I’ve since been discovering that beer + cheese is very popular and there’s lots of information on how to pair flavours.

Though some of the bolder cheeses on my board could have easily stood up to darker brews, the weather begged for a light summer lager.

Samuel Adams Beer Taps
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Eat all the food Cheese & Charcuterie Board by Afrim PristineNext to arrive? A massive, mouthwatering, magnificently ‘plated’ cheese and charcuterie board, delivered by Afrim Pristine himself. A quick tour around the clock: spicy salami, crostini of breads, finely sliced radish, a crisp cheedar with marcona almonds, goat cheese rounds, 50/50 sheep-goat soft Italian brie-esque and forceful blue cheese – all with gorgeous cherries on top.

Eat all the Food Cheese and Charcuterie with Beer

If you’re unfamiliar with The Cheese Boutique‘s head cheese master, Afrim Pristine is known to put on a great workshop. He takes special care in creating and selecting his blends, and never seems to tire of talking ‘cheese’ to his hungry audiences.

Afrim Pristine
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Here he introduces the @BellyMonsters food bloggers to the cheese and charcuterie of the evening, adding great tips on what might produce the best pairings.

Eat all the food Samuel Adams BBQ workshop

But let’s get back to the food!

Some of the big winners as far as flavour combinations for the evening would have to be the cherries and goat cheese on goodie-laced crostini, as well as the salami and ‘Italian brie’ followed by marcona almonds. Needless to say, everything was sublime.

Eat all the Food best cheese and charcuterie with beer

More mouthwatering photos of the board can be found below, but the next course deserves a special mention. A specialty on The Workshop by Latitude menu, the Lamb Burger we enjoyed next came with an extra helping of thick halloumi cheese, as well as delicious corn and cabbage salads that brought the meal back towards traditional backyard BBQ.

Eat All the Food Lamb Burger

Another beer or two made for an impressively tasty backyard BBQ – the cheese and charcuterie board is a great idea for your next gathering and a great interlude to the grill. Thanks to hosts Samuel Adams, The Cheese Boutique and The Workshop for a great event!

Backyard BBQ Style
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Cheese and Charcuterie Eat all the Food blog

Cheddar and Cherries with Marcona Almonds

Eat all the Food Blue Cheese

Eat all the food Cherries

If you enjoyed these photos and want to see more, check out!

Cheese and Charcuterie BBQ at The Workshop

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